Brown Sugar Cookies - Dinner, then Dessert


Brown Sugar Cookies made with dark brown sugar and butter are sweet, soft, chewy, and the PERFECT spin on the traditional cookie ready in under 30 minutes!


  1. Posted by kemiss, — Reply

    These are AWESOME!  The batter smells just like my Dad's penuche fudge! My sister said that they might be the best cookie she has ever tasted!

  2. Posted by 1146ep, — Reply

    I liked these- but I preferred them with some cinnamon. I mixed it with the sugar in which I rolled the dough ball prior to baking. They were perfectly chewy.

  3. Posted by annamariajauregui, — Reply

    Really amazing! I added cloves, ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, and molasses VERY GOOD super chewy

  4. Posted by groverpetersen, — Reply

    Tasted great. However I cooked for 11 minutes and they are hard as a rock. Great milk cookies

  5. Posted by kjkamk, — Reply

    Definitely do the brown butter. I use salted butter and they are like salted caramel

  6. Posted by AmburrRozayy, — Reply

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  7. Posted by marylandmel24, — Reply

    Need to chill dough

  8. Posted by jessicam3900, — Reply

    These look so good

  9. Posted by kstarcevich81, — Reply

    Looks yummy 😋!😜

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